what do earned actions measure

What Do Earned Actions Measure?

Earned actions are an essential metric related to your YouTube ads. If you’re spending good money on ads, you need to know whether they bring you value.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

What Earned Actions Measure
Why Are Earned Actions Important For YouTube Advertising
Best Practices To Optimize Earned Actions From Your YouTube Ads

What do “earned actions” measure?

Earned actions measure the number of times someone takes an action within seven days of viewing your YouTube ad.

what do earned actions measure

For example, if someone watches your YouTube ad and then, two days later, subscribes to your channel, this would be considered an earned action.

According to Google Ads Help, actions may include views, likes, subscriptions, playlist additions, or shares of your content.

Earned actions are significant because you do not get charged for them, as the action occurred after seeing the ad, not while watching it.

Because you are not paying for earned actions, they should be considered when evaluating the value gained from your ad spending. If you can generate many earned actions from YouTube ads, you can spend less on ads while still deriving benefits from views, subscriptions, etc.

Why Are Earned Ads Important For YouTube Advertisers?

Earned actions are essential for YouTube advertisers to track because they can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Here are a few reasons why earned actions are important:

Earned actions measure user engagement.

Earned actions are a great way to measure whether or not your ads are generating engagement. Since the ultimate goal of ads is to engage viewers, earned actions are an essential metric to pay attention to.

If viewers like, share, or comment on a video after seeing your ad, it suggests that it has resonated with them and they are interested in your content.

If you do some split testing to see which ads gained more earned actions, you can figure out which type will be better for you.

Earned actions help you nail your ad targeting criteria.

By tracking earned actions, advertisers can identify which ads generate the most engagement and adjust their targeting and messaging accordingly.

We always need to focus on reaching the right audience when spending money on ads, and earned actions are a great way to see if the messaging in your ads is landing with your target audience.

Earned actions can improve ROAS – Return On Ad Spend.

Because you do not pay for earned actions, getting more earned actions helps you get the engagement you want from advertising without paying more.

If half of your engagement comes from earned actions, it will cost you less per user than if only 10% came from earned actions. Thus, prioritizing earned actions can improve your ROAS.

Best Practices To Increase How Many Earned Actions You Get

There are some things you can do and best practices to keep in mind to improve the number of earned actions you gain from the YouTube ads you deliver.

Consider the wants and needs of your target audience.

If you’re targeting a specific audience, there must be something you can provide them that they can benefit from.

The more you can convey to users how your content is relevant to their wants and needs, the more likely they are to be interested in your content.

Get straight to the point with your ads.

Most users will skip YouTube ads after the first 5 seconds or so. Because of that, the initial seconds of your YouTube ad is crucial for making a lasting connection with those users.

In my article about organically reaching 1 million accounts on Instagram, I discuss the importance of making content that catches the users’ eye and generates interest right from the start.

If you’re making a video for your YouTube ads, a significant amount of effort should be spent optimizing the ad’s first few seconds. If you hook them within a few seconds before they skip the ad, they will be more likely to revisit your content later and be measured as an earned action.

Make your YouTube ad content memorable.

If you want to get more earned actions, then your content needs to be memorable.

Remember that earned actions occur after the ad has been played, not during the ad, and because of this, earned actions only happen when a user remembers your ad and then chooses to engage with it later.

Whether you have an exciting story to tell, information that can help them with something they care about, or something else that is of value to them, you must focus on giving the user a real reason to seek out your content in the future.


In conclusion, it is easy to see why earned actions are essential to track when running YouTube ads.

Earned actions measure user engagement after they see your ad, and these earned actions can help you get more value out of your YouTube ads.

By making unique content that catches the user’s attention, you can be more likely to generate earned actions and increase engagement without spending more on ads.






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