how i reached 1 million instagram accounts organically

3 Reasons I Reached 1 Million Instagram Accounts Organically In 30 Days

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This month, I reached over 1 million accounts through my Instagram profile, ATHLETE.X. Here we will cover some of the factors at play which increased my reach so I could grow my Instagram organically.

This video discusses the approach I took to reaching over 1 million accounts on Instagram in 30 days.

Tips To Grow Your Instagram Reach

Post Eye-Catching Content

The first reason that led to me reaching 1 million instagram accounts organically is I post content that catches people’s eyes and is inherently engaging.

Being in the sports performance niche, my followers and accounts similar to them like to see impressive feats of athleticism. While I am not the most talented athlete in the world, I make the best use of my workout video clips to show users exercises that I am proud of.

reaching a million instagram accounts

My top 3 posts from this period of time included one video with a 35.5 inch vertical jump, another that showed unique exercises to improve rate of force development, and another where I was sprinting and demonstrating good sprinting technique.

By posting videos that quickly grab the user’s attention, is impressive, or causes people to debate things in the comments, your posts get more engagement and Instagram will be more likely to show them in the explore tab of the app. Getting onto the explore page gives you the best chance at reaching more profiles.

The worst thing you can do if you want to grow your reach is to post boring content which does not grab people’s attention right when they see the post.

Post Consistently & Provide Helpful Information

I believe that any content based business or profile needs to be built on genuine, high quality content. If you consistently provide high value content, people will engage with your profile and your reach will grow.

how i reached 1 million instagram accounts organically

Additionally, being consistent helps your profile do better in the Instagram algorithm, as this shows Instagram you are a dedicated content creator with a track record of good posts. The more you post, the more credibility and authority your account will gain, and the more likely it will be that you posts get shared with new accounts.

Keep Your Posts Simple

Content does not need to be extremely technical or overly complicated, but it needs to give something that users of instagram want to know, learn, or see.

Since the average person is not an expert in what you post, the advice or ideas you share can be quite basic.

Basic information can be digested and resonate with more people than information directed at experts, so dedicating some of your content to educating beginners is a smart way to go.

Making It Happen

Ultimately, if you want to grow your reach on Instagram, you need to do the following:

  • Post eye-catching content.
  • Post high quality content.
  • Post consistently over time.
  • Post content that is relevant to beginners.

If you do this and stick with it, you will find that your reach on Instagram grows. Now, get out there and post!


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